Party Birds in London

GarfieldMew 404

This deck started life from Charity Gift III in Sheffield.

Now Khan was hard work before the new MWL 2.0 list and now without the infamous Temüjin Contract it was like impossible to get enough credits to let the birds fly. Hence in came Magnum Opus and London Library.

At the event (CG3), I was admittedly surprised at the potential results (albeit not many actual wins). It is a fun, go fast and hard deck. The first 4 rounds it racked up a total of 26 agenda points but still only won 1 game outright plus a timed win. Round 5 against a Gargain Asset spam was a total lockout and that is the major downfall of this deck. Round 1 Vs Chronos Protocol 5-2 (timed win) Round 2 Vs Jemison Astronautics 6-7 (lose) Round 3 Vs NEXT Design 6-7 (lose) Round 4 Vs Custom Biotic 9-4 (win) Round 5 Vs Gargain Deep Space 0-7 (lose)

Following on from the potential, I took it to 2 further events, a GNK and SC. It carried on from where it left of, success at the GNK but horribly exposed at the SC, which was expected.

GNK Round 1 Vs Skorpios Defense Systems 8-5 (win) Round 2 Vs Palana Foods 8-5 (win) Round 3 - Bye

Store Championship@thehobbithole Round 1 Vs Titan 0-0 (draw timed out before got going) Round 2 Vs Control the Message 4-7 (lose) but at one time was on 5, with a 15minute and missed a GFI on HQ for game Round 3 Vs Palana Foods 3-0 (lose flatlined) totally forgot about punitive counterstrike after stealing Obokata Protocol and only managing to draw back up to 2 cards Round 4 Vs Control the Message 2-7 (lose) Missed MO, then total lockout from his HHN combo, followed by closed account. Ended up floating tags and waiting for inevitable. Although turn after turn was 3 clicks for money followed by a Legwork or The Maker's Eye to no avail.

Strength: Criminal charge-in with multi-access. ID makes opponent confused about some calculations, especially the Femme Fatale and Inside Job to install a second ice-breaker mid run.

Weakness: Against FA and CtM Tags was a real problem.

4 Dec 2017 Kaiji

I managed to sneak 2 Autoscripter in my London Hayley, and Khan is blue, so, why not include it? :D

4 Dec 2017 josephlaizure

London Library Khan is a concept I've been trying to get to work for a long time. I'm totally going to try your take on it.

4 Dec 2017 GarfieldMew

@josephlaizure please feel free, see what adaptation you can do. It is a fun concept.

@Kaiji - i originally did but then made too many unsuccessful runs, it seemed like an additional run thing to ensure econ was right in order to guarantee getting through. the thing is i like running blank without much rig and sometime gambling on a breaker type when a server has 2 ice and the one behind is the one that has been rezzed so it feels 50/50 and saves click to install the 2nd required breaker.

4 Dec 2017 GarfieldMew

At the moment comtemplating on taking out the Exclusive Party for Easy Mark and Express Delivery to help the fast start in case I miss the Magnum Opus