Bellamy Heinlein's Trolling Sweep

Krams 818

Just another silly jank deck I'm working on with mixed success ;)

This is weird and janky, but it's not too combotastic, because a lot of parts have synergy with each other without requiring to have the full setup online.

Any comments welcome :)


  • False Lead is a strange agenda. Even more so if you play it without tagging ICE and Boom! But it can...
    • enable 2.0 bioroids (if used directly before the facecheck)
    • trigger Seidr ID ability
    • trigger Heinlein Grid (directly before a nasty encounter)
    • mess with the runner's turn (no left after Indexing, ...)
    • do all of the above at the same time if set up
  • GFI isn't that great here, but I didn't need the influence or the restricted slot, so I use it as a placeholder until Ikawah Project finally gets released.


Nothing new here. I'm going the Operation route with added Marilyn Campaigns. Maybe a little bit weak overall.

Defensive Upgrades

  • Heinlein Grid is hard to trigger, but can be devastating. It's supported by False Lead, Mason Bellamy, Strongbox (not the greatest synergy, I know) and my -loss-ICE.
  • Mason Bellamy can pressure the runner into sometimes letting ICE fire completely just to avoid effects that trigger on -loss during a run (ID, Heinlein, the fact that you lose s at all, ...). He's hillarious if paired with Tapestry to enforce a -loss no matter if the runner breaks the ICE or not.
    Combo'ed with a hard ETR ICE, he's the main enabler for the ID ability. Hedge Funds for ages.
  • Strongbox is supposed to be a tech against running last as the runner can't steal the agenda if he hasn't got a left when he's in the server (which can be hard against this deck). Ideally, this should combo with Mason Bellamy behind 3 ICE to enforce that the runner lets some of them fire.
    So far I'm not impressed by the impact this card has. Maybe I'll try to replace it with Ash, I don't know...


  • Biotic Labor is a backup FA plan to get a Project Vitruvius or False Lead without a proper scoring window. I haven't used it so far, so I guess it's one of the weaker card choices.
  • I added Archived Memories to get back other key Operations, Upgrades or ICE, but so far that wasn't needed and it has seen no play at all. Maybe replacing it with eco? Or Preemptive Action? Not sure...
  • Surveillance Sweep was part of a very old deck of mine. Two decks to be precisely. One in NBN, one in HB, both using Sweep + Troll + Heinlein Grid, lots of money and a way to keep up the current. It was bad, but I liked the idea and was trying to rebuild it with the postrotation card pool. Thus, this deck was born. Surveillance Sweep is left from the old deck, but I'm not sure if it's still worth it in the new form. Though it is the main enabler for Troll, of course. I guess, if I want to keep it I should add more traces besides Troll and Sherlock 2.0. Maybe different ICE or an Ash...


  • Seidr was used mainly because I wanted more tax than Vanilla and this was the only HB barrier I could afford. Would Heimdall 2.0 work better with False Lead? Absolutely. But not, if I can't pay for it. Maybe Eli 2.0 could be used, probably not. Paperclip's over-presence really screws up barrier choices. Anyways, I think 17 ICE is enough to make Seidr work.
    Just make sure not to put it at 6 strength (4 ICE) against Atman. Tapestry and Sherlock 2.0 are covering the 6-strength slot.
  • Fairchild 2.0, Architect and Sherlock 2.0 are really well priced, demand a nice tax and are useful enough if unbroken. I don't know if these are staples in HB for others as well, but they are for me.
  • Enigma does double duty as one of my few hard ETR ICE and one of my -loss ICE. It's old, it's simple, but still, on rare occasions, some runner facechecks it turn 1 and triggers my ID for a Hedge Fund and makes me smile.
  • Tapestry is better than it's reputation in my opinion. It works on HQ and R&D as a defense against single-access runs and Indexing and it has a really good rez/tax ratio. And the first makes it even better in Seidr.
  • Troll is for trolling. It's annoying (even more with the current out!) and it's cheap. It doesn't really do anything on it's own, but that's okay for the price. Yes, it's a situational and positional ICE, but this deck has a lot of possibilities to make use of that lost and more than one way to position Troll:
    • Troll is played early, because it's the only ICE on your hand and you bluff it as a real ICE. Later, you put a few must-break ICE in front of it and a Mason Bellamy behind. Now they won't have a left to loose and it becomes an ETR trace at the end of a taxing server.
    • Troll is drawn late and put in front of the scoring remote as additional tax and booster for Seidr Adaptive Barrier
    • Troll is played as part of the dream combo. You play Surveillance Sweep, install Troll in front of a server and Heinlein Grid in that server. If the runner runs to check for a never-advanced agenda, you rez both cards. If the runner is a lot richer than you, he can pay through the trace and continue, but you still have taxed him a lot. If not, he opts for the ETR on the Troll trace and just leave the server without loosing s of s. Then he's basically shut out until he removes the current, which can buy you enough time to open a scoring window.
6 Dec 2017 DrMarodi

Nice idea!

Does Troll and Sherlock 2.0 justifies the use of Surveillance Sweep? It seems like a steep influence cost for a small chance. Have you considered using Assassin instead of Sherlock 2.0?

6 Dec 2017 Krams

I'm not sure if Surveillance Sweep is really needed right now. I guess, I could add an Ash 2X3ZB9CY to have another trace to make better use of it.

On the other side... Where else would I spend the influence? Everything -loss related is in-faction for . I'm open for suggestions here...

Oh, and Troll really wants the support from the current to have teeth. Otherwise it's mainly a "you absolutely have to pay 2"-tax.

As for Assassin, I just think Sherlock 2.0 has a little bit more impact. It avoids SacCon, kills 2 programs instead of 1 and against some runners the bottom of the stack is even more out of reach than the heap. That, plus the little bit of added strength and the small chance to stick a tag thanks to -loss and being able to trash a resource.
That and I don't make much use of a random net damage splash in a deck that deals no other damage really.

6 Dec 2017 SneakdoorMelb

@KramsWhat about using Hard Hitting News and Boom for that influence? It has a lot of synergy with causing the Runner to lose clicks...

7 Dec 2017 Krams

@SneakdoorMelb Hmm, interesting approach... But so far, the runner only loses s when he actually runs, so HHN would be too easy to shake off. Unless of course, I kill them with a HHN into False Lead into BOOM! 3 card combo... Certainly unexpected in Seidr.
I'll give it some thought, but I guess the deck will need a lot of changes to consistently boom people. A conditional 3 card combo needs a lot of support to work...

7 Dec 2017 Sanjay

Pairing the Troll + Sweep combo with Seidr is inspired. Thank you for posting!

22 Jan 2018 Hieronymus

Really love this deck, super interesting and looks like fun! I’ve been trying a Seidr Laboratories: Destiny Defined deck for a while with mix results, it lends itself to so many options! Keeping someone out with a Troll feels so good! Good work :)