Notorious Comet Combo (Shipment from ChiLo Episode 12)

TheRealBeale 35

This was my testing deck for Worlds '17 until I ditched it for Dinosaurus + Inversificator Kit on a last minute whim. I've always loved CT and Comet, and this is definitely one of my personal best iterations of green + Comet win-in-one-turn decks.

It's very prone to whiffing and forcing you to start all over with a Levy, stuck at 6 agenda points which is a downside, but sometimes you just win in one turn...

I was originally running this in a big-memory Sage breaker suite but after playing with the test-run Femme set up I can confirm that it sets up much more quickly and doesn't require you to show your hand quite as early during set up.

One of the last changes I made was to rotate in the LLDS Memory Diamonds. This card is pretty clutch as it adds two very important resources (hand size + memory) and gives you a chance against tag-heavy yellow with the added link.

11 Dec 2017 Sanjay

Thank you for posting this! It was fun hearing about it.

12 Dec 2017 rwknoll

I might need to go back to the episode and listen to your description again, but how does the rig handle multiple centrals with multiple ice for the combo turn? You need 6 clicks on the combo turn for central runs and 3 Notoriety, so how do you maximize the Femmes to bypass ice on both R&D and HQ? Or is that not really an issue?

Is there any benefit to adding a second FTE? With Comet, you could theoretically play FTE before each of the main R&D and HQ runs, so even if you hit two 1-point agendas you would still have enough points to win by Notoriety.

12 Dec 2017 PureFlight

@rwknoll I suppose you really only have to worry about the corp having code gates as the innermost ice on more than one server, ya? Assuming that they aren't Femme'd. You'll probably put CyCy on R&D as that will be what they ice the most. I can see how a surprise high-str sentry would really drain you of credits. But I mean, you only gotta afford 3 runs, ya?

12 Dec 2017 TheRealBeale

So the DDoS does a lot of work, especially because a lot of people won't be expecting it. And it's usually best to have the "power turn" run with double hyper driver so you're sitting at 10 clicks. This gives you room to scavenge the Femme onto new targets in between central runs. If it feels better, definitely slot a different code gate breaker but I found that this set up worked well for me.

Plus, the ice suite that I was testing against was not very glacier heavy. I was expecting a lot of CI and a lot of yellow. I did get some good testing in against an Architect's deck, and it held up against that brand of glacier pretty well.

I also found that with a 40 card deck size and this much draw (plus the efficiency of the Comet, which you should be able to use just about every turn after installing) you get your combo before they're able to stack up their centrals too much.

12 Dec 2017 TheRealBeale

So it's definitely a gimmick-y deck, but the breaker suite really does work. The DDoS pulls a lot of weight and if you run your combo turn with double Hyper Driver you have 10 clicks (11 if you use your Comet correctly). You can technically get up to 9 memory if you want, and play all three Hyper Drivers for Janktastic Style Points.

Plus, I found that it was faster, cheaper, and more flexible than the high memory Sage version (which I realize is also gimmick-y, but I like the strange). It works really well against CI and yellow decks (which is what I expected to play against at worlds). The glacier match up isn't as terrible as you would think because the Comet + draw cards help you set up much faster than you'd think.

It's definitely not tier 1, but I had a ton of fun with it :)

12 Dec 2017 Peukon

Awesome to see some more CT love. Always been my favourite runner. I'm playing a rather generic CT build with Sage and lots of memory. Very tempted to modify it to do something similar to what you're doing :)