Rewired CI 2 - SSCT 4th place

Crunchums 325

The standard Rewiring deck (see the recent deck of the week) can't kill through damage prevention but has a solid scoring plan. This build sacrifices the scoring plan in order to double down on the kill. The hope is that people are playing Citadel or Spoofing instead of Mercs.

The biggest change here is dropping IPO, a current, and LPL for a Celebrity Gift and two more Best Defense.

  • Two Best Defense is necessary against Hayley, but the third makes the matchup feel very good
  • Contract Killer is good and gives you a guaranteed combo against Leela (CStatic can still lose to multiple Gang Signs); it's probably correct but I was tweaking this at the last minute and couldn't find a slot/influence setup that I liked better
  • If you wanted to go full meta you could drop the Scarcity; Employee Strike is very rare
  • PSA that Scarcity can prevent you from hitting SacCon with Best Defense (I only learned that this tournament)