Shhhhh I'm The Professor

Pinkwarrior 2294

The Prof is one of those ID's i just keep coming back to i love how different an ID he is and he's always their to teach you new things about the game (like why you shouldn't build a 25 program deck) this is my second and much more refined version at a revised prof deck.

No Magnum Opus in this one i do hate the card as econ and Clone Chip/Film Critic are much better choices as restricted cards, theirs other ways to keep your econ going. This time we have Professional Contacts & Tapwrm as are main econ but since we can't take Peace in Our Time where using Net Mercur and effeceint breakers to keep our econ rolling and with a Trope in place of Levy AR Lab Access to reshuffle that econ back or any tools we may need as well.

Since we don't have Clone Chip's I went for more breakers to help get us in where needed plus some other tools like D4v1d & Test Run to help fill the gap.

Mirror is mainly in the deck for MU reasons but with some utility with the rig.

Study Guide is a fantastic breaker when its set up and with Cloak you can set it up for free and with all the other tools working away can turn codegates into complete wastes of ICE for the corp.

Femme Fatale their to fill the roll of Hunting Grounds in other shaper decks with only 1 inf spare it's got to be used wisely and femme doubles up as anti Miraju tech for those Indexing runs.

Speaking of 1 inf Political Operative this thing dose alot of work and has become my new 1 inf staple prof card (Originally it been Emp Strike) dealing with so many upgrades or assett's in the middle of runs when you need to get by just having one down can do it's job more often than not.

Faerie is an old fav in prof I've always been a fan of this over the old Sharpshooter and now it's a no brainier with rotation it also gives you another use for the Sacrificial Construct if your not using them for Tapwrm or the Skorpious match up.

Scavenge to reset Femme Fatale combo with Test Run get a program back with Paperclip or just trade out a program that's hanging around but no longer needed like Faerie.