Sustainable Fusion

gumonshoe 2973

This deck is dumb and your friends will think you're dumb for playing it. It's weak to some of the tech people are actually playing these days. Like, femme & that apex card. But otherwise it kind of blindsides people. Because who plays twins!?!?

I'll wait patiently while you go read that card for the first time.

Oh, you're back. Now read Komainu. All caught up? good.

(You can also do this out of CI where money is cheap with brainstorm, but I find people don't run into it as often there and the monetary hit is quite high. They're too focused on centrals or whatever. The upside is much higher for HB; Consider an overscored vitruvius. But if they take brain early things sour real fast as it gets difficult to have enough subs around).

Your goal is to get minimum 2 Komainu. With one installed on a server with twins. I recommend picking the server your opponent is most likely to run. Sandburg is mostly a fake out card designed to drain your opponents of credits. They have to deal with it or you only need to score 2 agendas. But, if they come to deal with it, they probably just die.

Komainu keeps its subs until the end of the run. So if you discard Komainu to Twins you get a twice as large Komainu and there's no jack-out option before they must encounter it again. With Sandburg it's often out of breaker reach. And if they're running MK ultra death is a foregone conclusion. Only Shrike really has a chance as mongoose will take the full damage on the first hit and they don't know if you're holding a 3rd komainu.

Palana Agroplex actually feeds into this plan as it means more subs and it also increases your chances of having several copies. Use Whampoa Reclamation to offset the extra draw. It's not worth over extending on your resources. Keep your money total up above 20 as quickly and often as possible. You should be able to use reclamation, miraju & architect to stem any early game blead.

Your back up win is scoring. Clones are not people + 2 agendas.

17 Dec 2017 Oooer

What happened with the influence? Sorry if I missed something