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internet_potato 938

This is the HB deck that I played in the first Stimhack 3-Core (S3C) tournament. I wanted to try building decks for all of the factions over the course of the event to get a feel for the card pool.

I did not (and do not) think that HB is very good in the revised core. This deck is just kind of a boring mid-range HB deck. Asset econ is good, and the hope is that the core bioroids are annoying enough to deal with that you will be able to use Strongbox and False Lead to secure your last score.

The scoring plan is, ideally, to rush out a Project Vitruvius early, score a Priority Requisition (potentially assisted with False Lead), and then finish the game with Biotic Labor.

This deck got Lit. Up. by Babrarian's Reina deck in the tournament-- turns out that scrubber tears this deck to shreds. I also got really flooded. Bad times! Here's the video