Has Anyone Ever Used Null?

Steamwood 281

I'm Null!

Seriously, have you ever seen this guy used? I've not, and oh lord are his breakers bad. This crap is in the same cycle as Paperclip! And yet they put out a fixed-ish strength Fracter that's less efficient far more often than not, ON TOP OF Creeper Jr! Without his Şhitty, OP briefcase or Parasite this guy is never going to see play.

Use this deck at your own peril, I don't know what I'm doing and if you play this deck, neither do you.

29 Dec 2017 pbrand

this deck seems to be missing a runner ID, I don't see it

29 Dec 2017 pbrand

This deck seems to be missing a runner ID, I can't see it

29 Dec 2017 k.art

echo "stuff I am not interested at all" > /dev/null

2 Jan 2018 Crunchums

Sūnya over Mimic seems wrong