BoN 4.44 You Can (not) Rebuild

Handsome Jack 1589

Fast Advance things with Recon Contract. Plink the runner every turn to build up counters, or use Dedication Ceremony to speed up your FA. No idea what to do wit hinfluence yet. Still a WIP.

29 Dec 2017 sod_timber_wolf

Not sure about the Nebulas, might try to use the influence to play around with some ice, I'll try some things, still looking for a fun BoN list. Also take all my likes for the name.

29 Dec 2017 ktfod

Test comment.

2 Jan 2018 internet_potato

Seems interesting, I tried building something similar this morning and ended up on nearly the same list.

I think that Breached Dome and Prisec could be worth looking at. Might also be helpful to get in some Trick of Light-- if the runner goes after your reconcon, can trash it to load up extra advancements on your ICE, which you can bank for a later FA. Slots could come from Nebula and Kaguya?

It's a bit janky, but you could also add Red Planet Couriers since you have Biotic Labor and will (hopefully) end up with tons of advanced ICE.

3 Jan 2018 zmb

What exactly do you mean with "plink the runner every turn"? Not seeing how you deal out meat damage with this deck? If your plan is simply to place counters with Dedication Ceremony and Shipment from Kaguya, isn't it simply a worse MCA Austerity Policy without punishing the runner with loosing a click? Without Trick of Light or Red Planet Couriers the runner can just trash Reconstruction Contract or let you advance a Colossus when you are forced to trash it.

5 Jan 2018 Haberdash

@zmbThe ID does meat damage if they run, and if they don't you've got Dedication Ceremony.

I'm not sure how you beat Hayley with Clot though.

19 Jan 2018 Rhaplanca1001

This list is pretty similar to what I wanted to play! The same suggestions @internet_potato are what I would have done, though, so that's the direction I went... And I made some changes to the agenda suite after seeing how strong the fast-advance game could be. This is my version, I'd be interested in your thoughts!