Locutus of Borg

Shiiuga 1199

Playing around with the Assimilator idea. Cyber-Cypher is a free Torch. Paperclip and Na'Not'K are efficient breakers that you hard install or flip off Assimilator if you prefer. Special Order gets them in to your hand if you want to install them face down, as opposed to SMC which will hard install them.

Sell stuff you don't want to Aesop's Pawnshop. He used to buy anything but himself, but now if you install him facedown and tell him it's something else, he will now apparently also buy himself. Beth Kilrain-Chang is a good card that gives some flexibility. Laguna Velasco District helps with draw.

The Gauntlet and Dyson Mem Chips are mostly there for MU but the multiaccess on Gauntlet is the only one you have, and the Dysons may not be necessary as I'm not sure how much Endless Hunger gets used here.

Honestly this is probably hot trash but when have I ever let that stop me before?

2 Jan 2018 analyzechris

Laguna looks amazing for this. I don't think Daily Casts works with Assimilator though.

2 Jan 2018 Shiiuga

You're right, it totally doesn't.

2 Jan 2018 Shiiuga

I replaced it with Sports Hopper.

2 Jan 2018 presheaf

Will you really need to click to draw with 3x Reaver? I'd much rather have 3x Chop Bot than the Lagunas.

2 Jan 2018 Shiiuga

I don't think there are enough facedowns for Aesop and Chopbot and while Chopbot is unquestionably more efficient this was really about seeing what dumb but vaguely useful shit I could flip over with Assimilator.

3 Jan 2018 x3r0h0ur

You could put in some low cost hardware and use bazaar to get some piles of installs. Spy cam for instance would be decent with reaver and bazaar and chop/aesop's.