Asa Newbie

Ranzic 2

This is my first Corp deck and I was originally going to play NEXT Design: Guarding the Net but when this came out I thought it would work better. My plan is to run a glacier type deck so I've pulled from a couple of decks that I found really interesting on here from the NEXT decklists. Any help that you guys could offer would be great!

3 Jan 2018 FlakManiak

Not sure if you need 3x Cyberdex. Maybe cut one or two for some IPOs? IPO is really good with Bryan. I guess if you're tuning hard against Aumakua, the whole 3x Cyberdex/Data Ward/IP Block package makes sense, though otherwise I'd say replace Data Ward with... Something. Maybe a DNA Tracker.

Also, you might want an Archived Memories or two for the whole Maw/Bhagat thing. (Plus it's good to recur Ash when you want to.)

Of course, I would also say things like "Why not play MCA Austerity Policy?"

Lastly, I'd wonder if your ICE is taxing enough in the mid and lategame. Though if you're playing something of a rush style, perhaps that doesn't matter.

4 Jan 2018 Ranzic

I'm not quite sure about the ICE really I was just trying to fill the influence. I do need to add the three IPO. I want to play a more glacier style deck so how should I change the ICE?