Fast Advance Phenotype - Undefeated at Orlando, FL GNK

indeflab4 162

Took this deck to a GNK to try out Genotyping and went undefeated at a 5 man GNK at CoolStuffInc. Games in Orlando, FL. I don't claim that this deck is amazing or tier 1, but it was fun to try out the new card Genotyping in an ID that's a personal favorite of mine. The basic strategy of the deck is to use Estelle Moon, Daily Business Show and Palana Agroplex to draw into your 3 and 4 advancement agendas and score them out of hand using either the combination of Political Dealings/Jeeves or Biotic Labor/Shipment from Tennin, depending on board state and draw order. Genotyping was used in place of Preemptive Action to add fuel to the Industrial Genomics ability and recur an additional card over Preemptive Action.

Round by round breakdown:

R1: Faced off against one of podcast The Source's Ve on By Any Means MaxX. By Any Means was used to both trash assets for free as well as fuel Clan Vengeance to control the hand. I scored 2 Braintrusts using Shipment from Tennin/Biotic Labor when MaxX had to take a turn off running to rebuild resources, and then scored an Improved Protein Source off the table with a Jeeves I was able to stick when the By Any Means ran out.

R2: Played against standard Smoke with Gauntlet. Assets stuck to the board since Smoke has no money to trash assets at +3/+4 trash cost, so I quickly accelerated by draw with Daily Business Show/Agroplex and used Political Dealings to score all 7 points before a Self-Modifying Code/Clot hit the board.

R3: Opponent was on a Khan build with GPI Net Tap/Zamba. Khan focused on drawing into their rig pieces over running/handling my board state, so I scored Improved Protein Source and The Future Perfect off the table while spamming assets using Jeeves and Shipment from Tennin, at which point my deck stopped spitting up agendas. Didn't find another agenda until the runner started running through Miraju, allowing me to see extra cards via rezzed Daily Business Shows and found a Braintrust to score out using Political Dealings after Khan ran last click.

Overall I think the deck is in a solid spot right now, but could use a few tweaks. An extra copy of Cyberdex Virus Suite would help in Clot-heavy metas, probably at the expense of one of the Genotyping slots. Genotyping was played in all 3 rounds, but never more than once per game, so having 3 copies seems unnecessary.

Thanks to those who came out to CoolStuffInc. Games for hosting the event, to the other folks who came out to the event, and anyone who read the deck description this far. Leave your comments/feedback down below!