Moon Cups NEXT [3rd @ Petrie's Store Champ]

lukifer 840

This is a variant of the World's Best NEXT, with Moons instead of Foods. It went 3-1 in Swiss (and a loss in finals to a brutal Indexing) for 3rd place at the Petrie's store champ in Colorado Springs.

Elective Upgrade is amazing, well worth the increased density even in rush. Usually only one token is needed to score out, with the other being an invaluable tempo click.

Seidr makes for a better lategame than Vanilla (also, turtles are everywhere). If Field Test fires, building a 3-5 remote is trivial, making the 4 cost worth it (D4v1d notwithstanding).

Estelle is more of a tempo and support card than a main plan. I tend to pop it with only 2 to 3 counters, and sometimes it provides extra fuel for Field Test or Helheim. Even if it does nothing but force the runner to trash, it did its job.

Product Placement accelerates your money against aggressive runners, provides deterrence to trashing naked Jeeves and Moons, and easily bluffs as a defensive upgrade.

Helheim Servers seems to do more work in this version, with an assist from Moons. (Though again, D4v1d makes it sad.)

Launch and Cyberdex are flex slots, and could easily be Archived and/or Biotic; but I liked the idea of zero operations for its own sake, plus the extra Moons / Field Test triggers. :D