Calibration Moons (1st Gamescape SC, undefeated)

phette23 2210

Derived from Spooky Penguins and then updated with Sovereign Sight cards. I just wanted to try out new cards, I'm not sure if they're the best choices. Calibration Testing gets some pretty good value, especially when recurred, and having a huge mass of fast advance tools just makes the deck difficult to stop.

I don't have a ton to say about this deck or the matchups I played. I like it because it's very fast, has a flexible game plan, and isn't vulnerable to traditional CI hate since you don't need to hold many cards in hand to win. I never faced a Clot shaper on the day, beating Kit, two Smokes, Adam, Apex, and Alice. Yes, you read correctly; we had four mini-faction runners at our SC and I was one.

The closest game was against a self-damage Alice in the finals, which had lots of tools to disrupt FA combos or to knock agendas out of hand to stop Lakshmi. I got fortunate to score out by sneaking an SFT off the board, not getting too many bad hits off of the HQ disruption, then drawing into a bigger SFT that set up a win next turn with Ikawah Project. The Ikawah was pretty safe by being Lakshmi'd, with a redundant Jeeves on the board, a biotic in hand, and a cali testing underneath it but I still might've lost if my opponent had had By Any Means in hand.

8 Jan 2018

As far as I know you, you always have a ton to say!! :-)

8 Jan 2018

As far as I know you, you always have a ton to say!! :-)

8 Jan 2018 scd

I love that you still have a singleton Bioroid Work Crew in here because, in my mind, you've made more interesting decks including card than anyone since it came out. Grats on the win!

9 Jan 2018 phette23

lol yeah I just can't cut the one work crew, I like the card too much