"MY MAN" Bellamy Grid, aka Ikawah Bellamy Grid

Kingleil 7

Your main goal and win condition is to score Elective Upgrade -> Ikawah + Clones are not people. Stinson is just in here as an awesome garnish, that's about it, he's not essential to living. The Cyberdex Virus Suite is there as a way to clear out virus tokens, but I think virus decks and Smoke will give this deck a hard time. MCA Informants get rid of Film Critic, as those are very bad for this deck. The Heinlein Grid + Mason Bellamy combo is great on a remote server you're protecting. With a thick wall of ice up on it, you just wait for them to even try and get in. If they do, they are toast and even better maybe bait them into a False Lead. Asa allows you to play free installs, so do not forget you can Ultraviolet, then install one card, then Asa another install out. Overall, this is my first crack at brainstorming at this, and had some help from friends about iterating ice and such. I hope it works out.

Obligatory "My Man" is said every time you hit them with the Bellamy Grid lol.


9 Jan 2018 x3r0h0ur

Isn't Bellamy ash like the sickest combo of all time? No ash??

10 Jan 2018 Kingleil

You could drop the two Strongbox for Ash, I just liked Strongbox over Ash. I don't disagree on the Ash premise though, its very strong.

10 Jan 2018 Kingleil

I don't disagree with that combo, you could slot 2 Ash instead of 2 strongbox and be super effective too. To each their own. I was just angling for some more trap play with the strongboxes and false lead.