You Can Run... (CtM HHN DtD BOOM)

cinnadream 6

But you can't hide from the Doors! Light my fire!

This is, among other things, a DtD Boom deck. You've only got one boom, but you can Consult it out and if it gets trashed you can potentially get it back with Hades. If all else fails you might be able to click the runner to death.

It's also an asset-spam deck. Pile things onto the board, pile on traces and maybe some tags, make a scoring remote. If the runner somehow doesn't kill themselves first you can do pretty well to stall and score out. Exchanging for Hades if it gets stolen is probably your strongest play, it enables a lot of dumb recursion.

Search Firm has 4 targets here. Shannon can draw from the bottom to counter deep R&D-lock and synergize Hades, and can be trashed to ruin indexing and agenda-bury. Lily can pull up operations by burning a tag, or if nothing else can be rezzed to disrupt an indexing. Henry turns your scoring server into a money machine. Bernice is the surprise tag at the end of the tunnel.

Tinfoil Umbrella is a strangely cool kind of passive income, even if it's only used to boost DtD it quickly becomes a thorn in the runner's side. Net Quarantine shoves news and soldiers even through Sunny and Geist's doors, and gives a little bonus if the runner taxes out on your traces.

Zodiac Yellow is a nice alt-raven and not susceptible to the increasingly common hunting grounds. Fineprint is a funny surprise that will almost never fire but will almost always tax.

All in all the deck is absolutely terrible! Have fun.

(Thanks to my brother for coming up with the deck name)