Butt Coats

FoilFlaws 1088

There's been some interest in this deck so I am posting for others to review and improve and to lay a claim on the deck name.

Not perfect in it's current form, mainly I would try to find the influence for a 3rd GFI and 2nd Crisium,

10 Jan 2018 analyzechris

I really like the idea of taking Foodcoats and just updating the cards for 2018. It just feels efficient and fair compared to Moonspam. Can you walk me through the 2x Enigma/1x Fairchild and the 2x Assassin? I imagine Tollbooth and Seidr are your hard-stop ICE, leaving the rest to tax and annoy. Is 3x Fairchild 2.0 and 2x Ichi 1.0 too porous?

17 Jan 2018 FightingWalloon

Drop the Whampoa and you can get the Second Crisium and a 3rd GFI. You don't want to hold agendas in HQ anyway. I've seen people running UltraViolet and think it is probably worth a look.