greyfield 3894

Figured I should post this so someone else could make something of it, because I think I'm done.

This deck went 2-2 at my store champs. (My runner went 3-1, netting me the painful 5th place finish, but I'll keep it on the DL for the time being.) One loss was to crippling agenda flood after a bad hand mulliganed into a worse hand with no way to get Estelle. One loss was to the back-breaking combination of Val + Hacktivist Meeting + Rebirth into Alice Merchant.

The rest of the wins, however, didn't feel close. This deck does what Moons decks have done in the past - take a big card advantage lead and turn it into an insurmountable card advantage lead. My one innovation is the use of defensive upgrades over more ice or operations, as they both trigger Moon and create awful situations for your opponent. At least one opponent with a big credit advantage lost because they walked into an MVT guarded by a Warroid and blew all those credits in one spectacular burst, and couldn't come back. In that respect, the deck feels a lot like Mooninites - though Ikawah Project is definitely a step down from Global Food Initiative. If you liked playing that deck, you'll like this one.

That said, probably find some room for a current or two, for the same reason the old list played them.