Another Brain Melt CI! 2nd place Victoria,BC Store Champs,

Midseasonpsycho 157

I took this deck to second place at the Victorica, Vancouver Island Store Champs. It is card for card lpoulters deck but I wanted to post It with my thoughts!

I picked the deck up Monday and played it at the store Champs the following weekend. I have never played CI combo decks before so thought I had better see what the fuss was about. I only got 1 day of practice in which was just enough to know the kill combo and the 5 point combo (but wasn’t sure of the 7 point one).

Day went well, mainly consisting of rewiring contact killer, 1 punitive into contract killer and 1 2 points followed by 5 the next turn.

The deck is really strong but my lack of practice made me come unstuck in a couple of games then the damage protection went down and I couldn’t see my outs quick enough.

I am now trying 1 show of force, 2 Vitruvius and considering Hellion Beta Test to clear problem cards as no one turns down trashing 1 cost cards even if the are poor!

Overall a fun deck and I will continue to tweak it for my play style!

11 Jan 2018 hotelfoxtrot

The punitive into contract killer was great and I did not see it coming! I'm duly impressed that you piloted that deck so well with so little practice. All our games super close - some of my favourite Netrunner I've played in a while!