Strip Yu Bot

Pinkwarrior 2278

Although still in testing the deck gets its breakers quite fast with the multiple breakers and an AI which is a problem i find with most Apex decks.

The deck runs Assimilator not with any cards to cheat out but rather purely as an econ card i wanted the deck to be able to perform without it. 2 clicks to res a card is a pretty good deal when you slapped the thing down for no clicks even on a card as low a cost as 2 credits its basically click to install, click for credits = to it's cost.

Yusuf a cheap an efficient breaker that has the added bonus of been cheaper on inf than Paperclip. Cache is here to add to the Chop Bot 3000 engine and to help you get in on a surprise with Yusuf.

MemStrips to keep Data Folding online and account for the Yusuf extra MU.

Everything else is pretty straight forward or usual Apex stuff.