Insider Trading (Comet Fisk)

asveron 17

Insider Information tells Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor that the stock prices for Comet will soar!

--- Strategy---

Comet lets you chain events to maintain a really strong economy and card draw. Especially with Exclusive Party cycling your deck rapidly and always giving you events.

Don't keep Comet in your opening hand unless you are really sure you bounce your economy up really fast. [Exclusive Party] is worthless early on, so don't rely on it for early comet tempo.

You want Aumakua. You have to blind run central servers on turn 1 to minimize their credits. I personally install Aumakua on turn one. Trash subroutine is rare. The strength increase is often worth the risk. Dirty laundry will buff Aumakua. Don't use Deuces Wild to buff Aumakua unless you are certain you need it. The and draw from Deuces Wild is more important.

The corp can rarely afford to rez HQ and R&D so one will be open. Keep running the open server to pressure their hand. The more you pressure their hand, the more agenda builds up. Combo Fisk Investment Seminar with Information Sifting. However, Fisk Investment Seminar is good on it's own since the corp has to deal with the flood of cards.

Pressure HQ by using Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor's and Fisk Investment Seminar to give them more cards. They will always have a lot of cards. They will feel pretty stupid purging Tapwrm or Aumakua when they have 9-10 cards at the start of their turn. They will have to dump half of them and leave a ton of agendas in archive or HQ.

Most of the icebreakers can only attack central. The corp will leave central weak if they want to create a remote server to score. That means you can continuously bombard central. They need two icebreakers to score remotely without getting inside jobbed. You can always threaten Inside Job on remotes. Femme Fatale deals with niche mythics and big ice. Sometimes you can enter a remote with two if you combo her with Inside Job. Sometimes you lose a icebreaker so you can use femme fatale to bypass whatever you are missing.

If you keep Aumakua fat, it also threatens remote.


If you have trouble keeping icebreakers alive, add a copy of Breach and Passport. Remove a Special Order and Emergency Shutdown. Emergency Shutdown continues to keep corp credit low, but isn't really thaaat important.

Don't be afraid of tags too much. Keep a I've Had Worse in hand for damage. You don't have much resources for them to trash. Unless you really really need Film Critic. I've had worse doesn't protect from things like boom tho.

The Turning Wheel was cut because it doesn't combo with Information Sifting. They key of the deck isn't always multi-access. The point is to increase agenda density. Later on, even a single Inside Job access has a high chance to score.

Remember that if you have 5-6 agenda points, Information Sifting may not be useful at all. The corp will split into agenda pile and non-agenda pile. You may as well use inside job or just run it manually. At that point ,Equivocation is way more valuable.