Moomin Rewiring

Klopstock 577


This is a pretty standard Brain Rewiring CI-deck. I played it at the Atlantis Store Championship in Hamburg, finishing 6th of 21 players.

Game 1 against mirilu (Frantic Valencia): I think I approached this game from a wrong strategic perspective. My goal was to keep her out with my Mythic Ice, first and foremost. Unfortunately, she played well, quickly dropped a Turning Wheel and Rebirthed into Omar, which shredded my plan and brought her an easy and deserved victory. In hindsight, I should not have kept a hand with Loki and Mother Goddess but no accelerating cards and instead gone for a kill as quickly as possible.

Game 2 against mazeberlin (German Geist): I dropped an early Scarcity, which hampered his setup so much, that Matze couldn't really do anything all game long. He showed really good timing, dropping a Citadel Sanctuary directly after I drew my last kill pieces, but it wasn't enough, since he couldn't get any accesses. In the end I scored 7 points in one turn for the win.

Game 3 against lordbrain (Steve Cambridge): I started with an okay hand, but drew into lots of Agendas. To make matters worse, after Josh played Fisk Investment Seminar I pitched a Scarcity, thinking he'd be on Gang Sign (a pet card of his). That turned out to be false, as he dropped a Strike on me the next turn. Without Recursion, there was nothing left to do but throw away half of my combo. He quickly got to 7 points afterwards and I couldn't really do anything about it, since he was smart enough to stay out of Double Punitive-range.

Game 4 against 5noop1 (Reg Kim): My start in this game was brutal. Everything that I lacked against Josh, I got in this game. For the first six turns a played a Clearance every single turn. In his Round 7 he played Strike, to which I responded by killing him.

I think there is not much to say about Rewiring CI, it simply is a beast. Also, two Scarcities are very good.