3 Maws and 43 good cards

Klopstock 628

This is the deck I played at the Atlantis Store Championship, Hamburg. It is Nemamiah's Opus-MaxX deck with an added Bhagat. At first, I tried to figure out what to cut, but then I realised I was already playing 3 copies of a 4/10-console, so why bother?

Game 1 against mirilu (Classic CtM): Miri played an old-school CtM list with nostalgic stuff like Hedge Fund and Hard-Hitting News, foregoing the recent trend of cutting these cards in favor of nasty upgrades (which leads to less revolting Remotes in the lategame, but also makes you much less reliant on finding and protecting good economy assets in the early game). She got her Daily Business Shows and PAD Campaigns rolling pretty quickly and I didn't have the time to deal with them, instead focusing on battering centrals with Maw and Bhagat. The game went on pretty long and was very tense and interesting, but in the end I managed to Stimhack-lock her Remote long enough to win off points from her central servers.

Game 2 against mazeberlin (Titan Fast Advance): Matze had a good start of install Atlas, Advance, Ice. My Frantic Coding didn't net me anything worthwile, so he scored the Atlas with two counters on his next turn. The game was basically over at that point and he won on turn 7, scoring the other two Atlases and a Hostile for the win.

Game 3 against lordbrain (AGInfusion Glacier): This game started off very well for me, as I was able to nab the first Nisei from the Remote. Quickly after, I scored an Obokata from R&D. The game was going pretty well, but I couldn't manage to close it out. A little later, I saw an Ark Lockdown on top of R&D, which he used a turn later to remove both of my Paperclips from the game. With Trope, Aumakua, both Retrieval Runs and two Same Old Things already gone, things looked bleak. He rezzed a Mother Goddess on R&D to keep me out (which I used to farm Turning Wheel counters) and later on a Chiyashi on HQ (which I just barely survived using my Feedback Filter). I then dropped my last Same Old Thing to rebirth into Quetzal, accessing 10 cards from R&D, but whiffing completely. In the meantime he scored 5 points and installed a Tollbooth on R&D. I farmed some more counters, while he couldn't find enough Barriers to close off R&D. In the end I made another Turning Wheel run for 6 cards and found the winning Nisei. This was my favourite game of the day. It was very exciting, had big swings back and forth and could have easily gone another way at various points.

Game 4 against 5noop1 (Wilfy CI): Nimer had a rough start in this game, as he was unable to find his Clearances and couldn't gain the necessary tempo. I, on the other hand, installed Opus turn one and starting Mawing him turn two. Bhagat appeared soon after and the ensuing trashing was brutal. I milled his first MCA Austerity Policy as well as two of his Biotic Labors, which crippled his Fast Advance-options. I continued hammering his HQ, triggering Maw and Bhagat time and time again. Although he managed to Ark Lockdown both of my Black Orchestras, it just wasn't enough, as I milled him out. Bhagat and Maw were the MVPs this game.

The deck went 3-1 on the day and I was very pleased with it. It is fast, aggressive, disruptive and fun to play. If would definitely advise you to play the Bhagat, in the tournament it was great and testing also showed that you are almost never sad to draw it, as it just cranks up the HQ pressure. If you really want to cut something for it, my choices would be either one Ice Carver (really good sometimes, but not direly needed in many matchups) or the Forked (very nice against Data Raven and Tour Guide, although these are the only worthwhile targets and Tour Guide is oftentimes likely to come back via Team Sponsorship), but I liked both of these cards enough to leave them in the deck. MaxX has enough draw in my opinion, that it is not too bad to play 46 cards. Also, it is some slight PU tech, which is nice.