Cybergasm (2nd place High Tide SC)

rtracer13 3

The idea of this deck is to run really light on ice breakers but constantly threaten and test servers - keeping grip full enough to be able to face-check most ICE if necessary.

15 Jan 2018 SillySod

Apocalypse is an interesting include. Presumably it is there to punish asset spam but it looks pretty awkward to use alongside long term investment cards like Comet, Laguna, Patron and Net Mercur. It is also tough to understand why you are using Nasir (especially given that you don’t have any of his support cards like SMC).

The premise is good though! I quite like the idea of stealth breakers to exert scalable pressure and Making an Enterance is a neat include.

Maybe drop the career fairs, encores, comet, Laguna, switch from Nasir to Smoke (or at least add SMC) and chuck in another Apocalypse and some Cold Reads? Cold read is pretty sexy with apoc because it lets you trash the breaker rather than turning it face down.