Thike 1193

Reconstruction Contract is a fun little reason to revisit Builder of Nations. It's not the best ID, but the smaller deck size, deterrence from running, and ability to build up Reconstruction Contract if it's left alone are all good things.

ICE: Stuff you can advance. The space ice isn't exactly well loved, but it's taxing and rewards you for putting advancements on them. Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

AGENDAS: They need to steal 4 of the 8 to win. That's nice.

OPERATIONS: Other than the obvious money cards -- much love to Mass Commercialization -- it's all about putting counters down and fast advancing. You have 4 main ways of fast advancing agendas:

STRATEGY: Rush out the first 1-2 agendas, hopefully including an Atlas with counters. Slowly build up your servers while you fast advance the rest. A lot of games end with my turtling up or wasting the runner's time in remotes while I wait for combo pieces. Atlas counters to grab a Red Planet Couriers is a particularly powerful way to end a game from 4 points.

It's probably better in Titan.

19 Jan 2018 spe1983

I have a deck almost identical that is super fun, it can be quite taxing. I definitely recommend adding some preemptive actions to cycle back mass commercialization and dedication ceremony. I find I don't even need IPO. Scored a 10 token Project Atlas last night, it was amazing.