"...the curtain shall fall." (2nd @ Hamburg SC)

Watzlav 507

I built this deck the day before tournament the and switched from reg-MaxX, since I anticipated that Laurie Poulter's success with Scorpios would encourage a lot of people to bring it.

The idea for this deck came from listening to The Winning Agenda's podcast, where Wilfy Horig talked about Smoke being very overrated pre-Worlds. His argument was that Smoke's strength is dealing with ice, which is not as valuable as Hayley's toolkit of hate cards, since ice is not the primary threat in the top tier strategies.

However, the most recent evolution of the Hayley lock deck drops all the hate cards in favour of the mother of all hate cards Film Critic and Clot. That made me think if I could go the same direction, but also pack efficient answers to cards like Asigaru, Archer, Tour Guide, Fairchild 3.0 or Loki, which seem to be crucial parts of the decks they are featured in.