Clicks Please

HiddenAway 644

NOTE: Sovereign Sight was not released at the time I played this deck

Took this deck to a GNK and managed to win 2 games - by Punitive...

The idea of the deck was to tax clicks with Mason Bellamy and False Lead. Heinlein will work with Mason unless the runner is running last click. If a Strongbox is installed in the server as well, this creates a situation where the runner can't steal agendas.

Those with Sovereign Sight should absolutely change GFI for Ikawah Project. This has synergy with Seidr, and allows you to get any card from Archives you want for your next draw if the runner manages to steal (unless the runner has Film Critic on board). Once you change GFI for Ikawah, you can take Fairchild 3.0 as your restricted card (MWL 2.0). I would swap out 2 of the Code Gates though as you'd become vulnerable to the likes of Kit and Inversificator.

I chose False Lead for the forfeit ability. If the runner is running with 2 clicks remaining, you can forfeit this and get a card from Seidr that way.

The deck is lacking in economy so I would also remove Adonis Campaign and Successful Demonstration (which did not fire at all during the GNK) for better economy cards (like Ultraviolet Clearance). With Sovereign Sight, you can also consider swapping Snares for Calibration Testing, especially with the influence saved.

If you prefer not going with the Heinlein Grid, you could also play Breaker Bay Grid to save credits and have a super cheap fast advance solution!