Control Maxx (2nd Place, ATL Store Champ)

Nick! 144

I took this deck that Jesse Vandover shared with Kevin Tame during a training session on the Hacktivist to the Giga-Bytes store champ in ATL: Check out the rest of Kevin’s channel for plenty of videos on how to play the deck.

Deck has a lot of outs for nearly any deck it comes against. Femme for expensive to break ICE and Mythic ICE. Tapwrm and Clot to slow down quicker Corp. Rebirth is great when needed, usually into Omar to create another server that has to be defended. I only played Levy twice in 5 games, but it’s there because of course Maxx wants to Levy. Deck went 4-1 on the day beating 2 CI, 1 Asa, and 1 Palana. Only loss came in the finals against Moons CI.

Thanks to Giga-Bytes for hosting and to all the people I played for the awesome games.

21 Jan 2018 Nick!

Shoutout to @Dashakan for the deck and for the awesome videos created by @kevintame showing the ins and outs of how to play it.