No Clicks for You! (3rd Anime Imports SC, first in Swiss)

pj20 1446

Finished first in Swiss (13 people) with this deck at the Anime Imports Store Championship (San Francisco). Deck went 3-2 on the day overall, but worked the way it was intended in the 3 wins & had a shot in both losses.

The main goal of the deck is to make the Ikawah Project next to impossible to steal. Create FC3 / Turing remotes with Mason Bellamy and Strongbox and Breaker Bay Grid. Use Enhanced Login Protocol + MCA Austerity Policy so they start with 3 clicks & it costs 2 to run & even more to steal an Ikawah.

Calibration Testing + Breaker Bay Grid allows for cheap FA of PV's (which you want to always try to overadvance). The ID ability is amazing for this as well.

Najja 1.0 synergizes well also, and if you can get an Architect to fire you're loving life, as you can trigger your ID on the runner's turn. News Hound was a late add because you want to always have ELP up if you can help it. Cheap 4-strength Sentry with ETR? Yes please. 2x Miraju to stop Indexing.

There was a few times today and in testing where I was able to click Pop MCA with an ELP out, reinstall another MCA and click it after scoring an agenda with Jeeves. It's even better if they are running Turtle / God of War and you have those MCA's behind Turing.

It's vulnerable to Film Critic, but luckily I didn't see any today. Hacktivist Meeting is also annoying, as it'll trash your ELP & won't allow you to freely rez your defensive upgrades. I was actually eliminated in the top-cut where I forgot Hacktivist was on the board and wasn't able to FA my Corporate Sales Team because I couldn't rez my 2x Calibration Testing (no cards in hand).

It's a really fun deck and ID though, and Ikawah is definitely the star!!

23 Jan 2018 ctz

Had tight tight tight games against this deck. Watch out! Real good stuff here.

25 Jan 2018 tzeentchling

Almost wonder if Crisium Grid might be better than Miraju. I've had too many times where I've had to give my opponents multiple chances at topdecking agendas due to the Miraju shuffle. Plus with Asa installing Crisium still lets you install an ice on R&D.

25 Jan 2018 pj20

@tzeentchling that's not a bad call at all.... would help on HQ too since when you have an ELP out, people tend to play events like Legworking & Dirty Laundry more often. Plus it's pretty expensive to trash. I'm gonna play around with that

1 Feb 2018 Sixtyten

Had fun with this last night. Got ruined by an Apex deck with clickless econ and card draw. It hosed everything else. Definitely tempted to drop Mason and data hound for two crisium and another etr ice.

20 Feb 2018 IronBen

@pj20 I used this as the basis for my ASA deck that I played at Immortals SC. I added some ICE and changed the assets and agenda suite--tons of fun. Deck went 3-1 on the day, almost 4-0 but....Film Critic :(

21 Feb 2018 IronBen

@pj20 I meant to ask you yesterday on Jnet, have you tried experimenting with Jinja at all in this?

22 Feb 2018 pj20

@IronBen yeah I've been playing with it.... I think it can be real good. The biggest weakness of this deck is protecting centrals, so if I had a Jinja or 2 I would slap it there first. Your remotes get the upgrades so they're pretty safe. Also, I put Najja in here first bc it was new, but I think 3x Seidr is probably the way to go if you're playing Jinja. Or Vanilla w the Seidrs bc they'll be free to rez.

27 Jun 2018 pj20

@IronBen check my latest Asa, I think Jinja was the way to go after all... big thanks to Surveyor tho, that was the missing piece :)