CI Says Die (2nd at Glasgow Store Champ)

RoRo 433

CI Boom that has been doing the rounds in different forms for a bit, this deck list was put together entirely by @rotage with the exception of a best defence for a biotic, which proved very useful.

Basic plan is to load test to hard hitting news to ensure the runner cannot remove two tags in their turn, to then allow the boom. FA as a secondary, but still useful win condition. Careful you don't over extend with HHN and ruin your hand.

CI enables the combo, tight number of agendas keeps you safe, ice is generally a gear check or tax, with IP Block mainly for turtles, MCA forces runs.

Went 3-1 in swiss, beating Val, Steve and Leela, losing to a Hayley piloted by UK number one player @seamus the turn before the win to a 50/50 info sift, 1-1 in the cut again losing to @seamus and his magic hands.

Possible changes include crisiums to duck info sift and indexing, something better than roto, maybe an excalibur.

Hate cards include on the lam, anything that gives additional clicks (mainly beth at the moment), mercs to a degree. Hayley is challenging in general, with beth, clot and big econ, but it's winnable.

Have fun with CI before it's banned x

21 Jan 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, wish I had played this my deck at my sc :)

22 Jan 2018 enkoder

I played a similar deck this weekend and having 3 Biotics won me the game. 3x Biotic 3x Load Testing, Archived, Load Testing, HHN droping me below 15 creds (beth) so they didnt' have any clicks next turn.