Dance Dance Mopus [1st Place Store Champs]

enkoder 531

This deck was undefeated (5-0) at a Store Championship at Anime Imports where I took it down. My corp was reversed CI which as we all know is really, really, strong.

This deck is very close the deck I brought to worlds. It has an answer to pretty much every matchup which is why I like it soo much.

The game plan, become the most efficent machine.


The engine of Mopus+Dhegdeer with an Ubax installed usually comes together on turn 2 or 3 with surprising consistency thanks to my boo Ayla. Once you get em down, smash the mopus button and collect your one or two card drip.

My matchups were against CTM, PE, PU, Titan, and CI.

The CTM matchup is pretty straightforward, control the board state and steam roll them with your dance moves once you establish lock. Two Slums typically means you should be able to get it early and just take 6 and RFG a card every turn skipping the CTM trace.

Jinteki matchups are also very linear but your breakers matter less. You may be able to get by with just Shrike + Maven. There's one Feedback filter and one Hunting Grounds and you really hope to find em asap. Once you do, its GG, EZPZ.

Titan is a coinflip. You have clot and Sac Cons, but timing is everything and they could just win before you get set up. Titan is one of those matchups that you may want to just slam the Mopus without a Dhegdeer because speed is so important. I managed to stick a clot at the right time behind a Sac Con. This bought me two turns where I DDM'ed to rip 4 points ftw. Sick.

CI is an admittedly tough matchup. Only HQ multi-access is The Turning Wheel and there are so many variants out there you really dont know what to play into. Get your accesses and then make your game plan. Hey fun fact, if you break a Miraju (which I always do) and get redirected to archives you dont get the counter. TIL.

Anyways this deck is my happy place. I put a lot of work into it and I think it wins most games. You become this efficent machine where you just roll corps and it feels good man. Real good.

22 Jan 2018 x3r0h0ur

What do you think about droping a Ubax (since you have a huge starting 'hand' to find your console, and other MU options), a sac con (no tapwrm, 2 should be enough for Clot), and 1 other card, maybe modded, or beth, for 3 hyperdriver? Being able to just take a huge turn every so often and compress your time spent drawing seems better than these redundancies. I have an ayla list that runs a ton of programs and looks like it has a similar gameplan, and the hyperdrivers are pure fuel.

22 Jan 2018 znsolomon

@x3r0h0urI agree, although I wouldn't drop beth or modded. the beth drip is incredibly important for getting you up to speed, especially vs ci as you'll frequently get clicks. The sheer amount of high-cost programs makes 3x modded very useful. I'd think about cutting 1 smc or dhegeeder if you don't see yourself needing them (depends on how frequently you get them in game), or maybe the FTE, seeing as you can't reliably trigger it

22 Jan 2018 enkoder

@x3r0h0urboth good suggestions. I wouldn't play this deck without 3 Ubax because its so crucial to your game plan against any asset based deck. Take 6 and trash something is your only way to control the board and make money while doing it.

I experimented with Hyperdrivers a bit but just found that typically I would just take 6 credits on the turn I popped. Def giving me some gas, but didn't feel worth the slot. In regards to SacCons, they have way more value than just clot locking. You MUST draw your sac cons for the Weyland matchups in order to start stealing agendas. Loosing a Dhegdeer and Mopus is crippling.

I'd love to see your list though. DM on slack if its not public.

22 Jan 2018 enkoder

@znsolomonI'd run 6 modded if I could in this deck. Its makes your opener so quick. Once you get the engine up you are in control for the rest of the game. Cutting an SMC seems risky because in most some machups I will SMC for a Dhegdeer and instal a Savant on it. Expensive, but its better to be quick than rich in some cases.

22 Jan 2018 enkoder

@znsolomonI'd run 6 modded if I could in this deck. Its makes your opener so quick. Also I typically hold onto Cyberdelias until a modded shows up on an Ubax draw unless I need the MU. Cutting an SMC seems risky because I use em to also fetch Dhegdeers.

If I needed slots I would probably go -3 Cyberdelia +1 Dedicated Processor to free up two slots.

24 Jan 2018 vor_lord

I'm wondering about the choice of GS Shrike M2, as you aren't getting the memory advantage. For a bit of CI hate I am thinking about squeezing Information Sifting in. What do you think of +1 Na'Not'K, -1 GS Shrike M2, -1 Stimhack, +1 Information Sifting?

Acknowledge the weakness against Komainu and Tour Guide with my switch.

25 Jan 2018 enkoder

Shrike is there for the exact reason you mentioned, Komainu and Tour Guide. Its a flexible slot though I would also say -1 Slums is also a consideration. If you are seeing a lot of CI, and we all are, it would be smart to slot Info Sifting.

I wouldn't cut the Stimhack though. Its a win con in some cases. Maybe drop a Wheel? But all of these things are meta calls added to the core engine. Give the changes a try and let me know! Thanks.

28 Jan 2018 Relenzo

Is Cyberdelia really doing work for you?

28 Jan 2018 Relenzo

Is Cyberdelia really working for you?

29 Jan 2018 enkoder

TBH not really. I am tweaking the decklist again and dropping the Cyberdeezy's and going back to dedicated processesor. I may slot one just for the extra MU if I need it.