Hatchet Harishchandra (2nd at Cambs GNK)

cripplingselfdoubt 327

Awful Harischandra deck I tried at a 8 player GNK this week. My other deck was Iain. If some of the card selections (or the entire deck concept) seem a bit naff: yes, but it’s for this thing I’m trying.

Round 1 vs Adam (loss)- Got rid of three ABRs, two Turtles, a Femme, Overmind, and several resources. Still lost. Harischandra’s ability was basically pointless because Find The Truth was in play all game, which was pretty insulting. Also I kept trashing his board state and then drawing Biased Reporting the next turn, which got me so miffed that I bit my cheek and it bled a little.

Round 2 vs MaXx (win)- rezzed a Blacklist behind two barriers, causing MaXx to throw her paperclips into the bin in a strop. Lockout through my opponent's bad luck. Harischandra fired once with a HHN, giving no salient information because his grip was mostly cards that had been Injected. 0% skill.

Round 3 vs Kit (win)- scored out with two overadvanced Beales; opponent was on match point and R&D was open to indexing. ID ability triggered once and only once: nothing came of it (and my opponent had already sent me their decklist earlier that day). Did have a funny moment of bouncing a MOpus with an unboosted Hatchet, but no Salem’s to follow up. Given that it cost me a GFI it definitely wasn’t worth it.

Thoughts: Harishchandra is terrible, reality TV is a plague, would not recommend, I've only just now seen that Authenticator is a Code Gate, 0.5/10. Go read a book.