Hammer it all

Neitherworld Gamer 3

Just trying a little fun with trashing cards from the hand. Neutralize all threats lets me see two so double the chance of killing an operation. Imp to trash things that I wouldnt normally be able to and Scrubber to help bring down cost. So far the only issue is speed - I cant seem to draw or pitch the breakers I need even with 3 I've had worse and 3 Inject

27 Jan 2018 firesa

given your theme you may want to consider Maw, and also maybe cutting at least one Neutralize All Threats as they are unique, and cost a lot of inf. If you are having a hard time drawing your cards, earthrise might not be a bad addition in place of a Neutralize and maybe one of the three hacktivist (you have two SoT so just two hacktivist seems fine). Not sure you need 2 scrubber and 2 imp as they do similar things, so I'd cut a scrubber as well, and suddenly you have room for those three earthrise. Anyway those are just my thoughts, keep on hammering!

27 Jan 2018 Sapph0

Congrats on your first decklist! I'm playing a similar deck (like reg anarch, with some spice, with no Earthrise Hotels - I'm not playing career fair, so it feels like a big tempo hit for me, but I think it'd squeeze well into your deck if you can manage it, but you're already at 46 so I get it). Neutralize all Threats looks like a riot, but you might want to consider spending some of that influence on R&D pressure. I think it's a good call to play scrubber and imp with Neutralize all threats. Lots of good cards here. Have fun <3

27 Jan 2018 Sapph0

Yayyyy congrats on your first published decklist! Looks fun!

27 Jan 2018 Sapph0

Great, there was an 'internal server error' and now I look like a heckin goof lol.

27 Jan 2018 Neitherworld Gamer

@firesa First off thanks for the ideas! I dont think maw will fit here because it would only fire on a second HQ run or if I manage to only see ICE with no imp out, plus 6 credits...While its cute..it aint -that- cute. Though cutting 1 NAT and 1 Hack may do it.

@Medea Yea R&D pressure would be nice. Debating on swapping out the NAT with HQ interface but then it just seems not as fun for some reason.

27 Jan 2018 Neitherworld Gamer

@firesa Thanks for the ideas! Maw doesnt seem to fit because I'd have to see all ice on the first swing of the hammer or multiple HQ runs and for 6 credits maw just does not do it for me. I'll try cutting one NAT to free up influence or mess around with HQ interface.

@Medea Thanks! Career fair just compresses so well and saves credits that I for the moment want that thing like every game ever and yea some r&d pressure would be great