Lux In Tenebris

Handsome Jack 1587

NAS Tax deck. Score out behind Tollbooths and Red Herrings while grinding the runner out of their money and either EOIing or Bryaning. Public Support is great bait and EOI fodder. Good for either opening or closing out a game. 1x Alexa for the inevitable Indexing. News Team drags out the game and buys time for scoring the last 1-2 points.

Scarcity is a no-brainer current and 1x Tarmar for players who recur events or something. ICE selected for taxing capabilities. Agendas are for feasibility to score and risk management. 15 Minutes is your friend.

This deck has been nearly 100& so far and has a lot of potential.

28 Jan 2018 BENJI9520

I am not a huge fan of running news team with all the Haley decks running shadow net.