SanSan South - Stronger Together: Trolling Criminals

theodorelogan 247

This is the deck I've been developing over the course of the last few months. A couple recent changes have really kicked it into high gear and made it much more successful.

The idea behind the deck is to tax the runner and NEVER give them an effective opportunity to use Account Siphon. The deck accomplishes this in a few ways

1) Unrezzed Eve Campaigns

2) Cheap ETR ice (paper wall, quandry, and draco all typically go on HQ.) Against a criminal who keeps hitting HQ and trying to get the ice rezzed, I'll often put 3 ice on HQ.

3) The Eve's, over the course of the game, provide a pretty overwhelming economic advantage. By the end of the game, even if the criminal could get in, losing 5 credits is not a big deal. It is not uncommon for this deck to have 30-40 credits.

4) Caprise on HQ. It isn't ideal (I prefer one on R&D and/or the remote) but if I was worried about Siphon I would put it there.

Why Stronger Together?

Lots of reasons

1) Viktor 1.0 becomes unYog-able. Without that weakness, Vitkor 1.0 becomes a very cheap, annoying card.

2) Extra cost to break Eli with Corroder is also very taxing. 5 cost to break a 3 cost ice? Ridiculous.

3) Heimdall 2.0 becomes immune to Knight (VERY IMPORTANT!!)

The result of the increased strength of the bioroids is more than just +1 cost to break. It often makes the difference between not being able to get into the server at all.


1) This deck often gets behind early because of runs on R&D can be clicked through (end the run ice is usually reserved for HQ and remotes) While I am usually happy to see someone run and click through Viktor or Eli, you can give up agendas early on. I usually get to a point where the runner just can not get in anywhere (I've IAA an agenda into my remote, and the runner knows he can't get there, or R&D, or HQ the next turn.)

2) Opus: Opus gives the runner to make a run on any server every other turn. This means that scoring a 5/3 can't happen with Carprise help (unless you can draw a run on an agg sec.) I haven't seen any other economy able to make anything close to sustained runs on this deck.

3) I don't know how common this is, but I kept losing to a Whizzard DLR deck a friend of mine played. It could be the deck weakness or it could be my lack of experience playing against it. But Whizzard definitely hurts the economy of this deck by trashing the Eves

Other points:

1) Caprise is really demoralizing in this deck. Putting Carpise on R&D behind 4 or 5 ice just makes the runner die inside. May change if S&W becomes a thing (as at the end of the game HQ is usually the least expensive server to run.

2) Don't bother protecting the Eves at all (except maybe against Whizard with a single ice)

3) I will usually put Wotan or Heimdall 2.0 on R&D early to be rezzed by a Pri Req (defended by Heimdall or Wotan that I rez either naturally or with Bioroid efficiency committee.

4) Power shutdowns are great for

Fairies (to spook the runner and maybe activate a surprise Ichi or Roto!) Datasuckers (you don't want them getting through thos Viktor 1.0's!) Corroder (obviously) Gordian (if splashed into Criminal) Magnum (if the runner puts Magnum out first, I am happy to trash 5 cards to get rid of it usually...hopefully I have a Jackson out.)

Put ABT in your scoring remote, but don't score it. The runner will put you on an upgrade and you can leave it there until you get a jackson out.

Keep in mind that these are trashes against the minimalist Criminal rig (that might have only one or two things out at a time.

Play this deck, and laugh as you see the Siphons thrown in the heap.


4 Mar 2015 Reclamation89

I just found your podcast! its awesome =]