Wilfy Horig Was Wrong (1st @ Berlin GNK)

Watzlav 535

Firstly, let me apologize for the click-bait and then let me explain.

The idea for this deck came from listening to The Winning Agenda's podcast, where Wilfy Horig talked about Smoke being very overrated pre-Worlds. His argument was that Smoke's strength is dealing with ice, which is not as valuable as Hayley's toolkit of hate cards, since ice is not the primary threat in the top tier strategies.

However, the most recent evolution of the Hayley lock deck drops all the hate cards in favour of the mother of all hate cards in Film Critic and the obligatory Clot. That made me think if I could go the same direction, but also pack efficient answers to cards like Asigaru, Archer, Tour Guide, Fairchild 3.0 or Loki, which seem to be crucial parts of the decks they are featured in.

I'm considering the following changes:

Off: Paperclip, Misdirection, Citadel Sanctuary

On: Blackstone, On the Lam, Stimhack

29 Jan 2018 Longi

Well done Watzlav! Btw. I know it looks good on paper to save 3 influ by ditching Paperclip but based on previous testing of Smoke I believe it is a wrong call. Even though I understand the need for On the Lam against CtM.

29 Jan 2018 MazeBerlin

Is there any ICE in the current meta that justifies Paperclip? Beside IP Block nothing comes to my mind..

29 Jan 2018 Krasty

@MazeBerlin: Tithonium ?

29 Jan 2018 Longi

Ashigaru sees some play in Estelle CI, Tithonium in Scorpious or Chiashi in AgInfusion (admitedly you do not see the last that often anymore). But all the cheap barriers you have in mind can be broken by Inti anyway, no need for Blackstone either. And for emergency cases you still got Dai V.

30 Jan 2018 Longi

Btw. Paperclip also relieves the pressure on stealth credits. IMHO adding Blackstone next to Refractor and especially Switchblade makes the deck way much dependent on stealth rig (considering the deck runs only 2 Net Mercur and 1 Cloak, with no Ghost Runner either.

30 Jan 2018 EnderA


I wouldn't cut Paperclip. Blackstone is terrible by comparison, and will end up costing you more total credits despite being a stealth breaker, meanwhile Paperclip leaves your stealth credits untouched. Inti is the only "upgrade" from Paperclip due to its low install cost, but is horrendous against high-strength barriers.

What ice do you need Switchblade over Dagger for that you can't use Dai V? Most multisub Sentries are low strength. If there's anywhere to cut influence, I think Switchblade is it. I used to be on the Switchblade side, but I've since converted.

Misdirection is crucial against Hard-Hitting News and tag strategies in general. Citadel Sanctuary is a tech card, depends entirely on the meta. Same Old Thing is optional, but I see why you have it. You could probably get away with 2x Astrolabe instead of 3x. I would seriously consider adding The Turning Wheel, it lets you farm Net Mercur credits and access counters at the same time, in addition to being pressure that doesn't fold to Mirāju. I feel like Net Mercur is too important to leave as only 2x, but YMMV.

Changes I would make:

-1 Switchblade, -1 Astrolabe, -1 Citadel Sanctuary, -1 Same Old Thing

+1 Dagger, +1 Net Mercur. +1 Stimhack, +1 The Turning Wheel

31 Jan 2018 Watzlav

Paperclip is certainly superior to Blackstone, not trying to argue otherwise. I'm just not sure if it is worth the three influence. IP Block fires half the time I encounter it, even with Paperclip in heap. Asigaru is always broken by Dai V, since it's the only barrier in the Moons list. Tithonium is something that could emerge more, with people leaning more on Film Critic. Tiyasi is as rare as the AG Infusion players.

Funny thing is that I used to be firmly on the Dagger side before. This list is emerged as a counter pick to Moon CI and Skorpios, so the answers to your questions would be Tour Guide, Architect and Archer. Another problematic part about breaking senties with Dai V is it's install cost. It's the most expensive card in the deck.

Misdirection is hard to let go, but I feel that Sea Source is bigger threat to this deck than Hard-Hitting News. The downside it that it cannot be tutored. Citadel Sanctuary is tech card against Brain Rewiring combo with the added utility against CtM. I think I never used it in the latter case, so it could as well be a Biometric Spoofing. The incomplete playset of Net Mercur is a concession to Astrolabe, which I felt is more necessary right now. The Turning Wheel would be great addition for a more aggresive playstyle -- I'm going to suggest your changes to a friend who wants to sleeve this deck. Thank you for your input.

1 Feb 2018 dome_

Clickbait NPE

1 Feb 2018 dome_

Clickbait NPE

1 Feb 2018 EnderA

Good counterpoints. The meta definitely makes a huge difference.