Froot Loops - 4th at Emerald Knights SC (Top of Swiss)

inniscor 560

This has been my go-to corp for the last few months since I started preparing for Worlds. Finally after months of nursing this list and making changes here and there (Batty by Jonas W, Yagura by someone from glass house), I took it to our first local store champ and couldn't be happier with its performance.

The deck is somewhat draw dependent as you can get bricked a bit if you don't have the best ice and your opponent has a good start. As a result I took two losses on the day (one in swiss, one in the cut). The loss in swiss was to combo anarch (Fear The Masses) and the loss in the cut was to Zamba Sil that got set up very quickly while agendas piled in hand before I saw a single copy of Kakugo or Data Loop.

The deck plays pretty predictably. You try any combination of Niseis and Obokatas that your opponent can't steal behind at least a couple instances of either Data Loop or Kakugo. You use Batty to help score the first Nisei and Gene Splicer if you're in a pinch (lock, film critic). In the absence of these very straightforward lines of play you use your 10 econ cards (including the ID) to make as large a pile of money as you can. This helps you rez your ice (it's expensive) or land Punitives (this wins you a lot of games).

On paper this deck should lose a lot in a meta with film critic. In my experience the match up is heavily unfavored but your opponent still needs to make 0 mistakes. It's not hard to get caught up in a situation where you can't contest a remote with a must-steal agenda. Nisei counters, Batty ETRs, and the side effects of running through Kakugo and Data Loop all adds up. And if all else fails you can jam the Gene Splicer and make your own kind of window.

I'm listing this deck with its accolade as top of swiss at our local store champ because I'm unlikely to play it again. We only had 10 people so take the results with a grain of salt. Your mileage may vary.