Raydians 26

Second attempt at making a Jinteki deck using the limited card pool I have. Focus on placing advancement tokens on assets and agendas with operations and Identity. Net damage tax to discourage runs and protect central servers and 1-2 remote servers with lots of ICE.

29 Jan 2018 Sanjay

Interesting deck! It looks like you might be a little short on money. Has that been something you've been noticing?

If so, I would consider finding room for something like Celebrity Gift, if you have it... I know Thomas Haas and GRNDL Refinery are technically economy, but they aren't very reliable economy, y'know?

Any problems you've noticed with the deck?

30 Jan 2018 Raydians

Need to try it out still. The low economy was definitely something I considered but I wanted to try out GRNDL and Thomas Haas with 'cheap' advancing and see how that would go. Celebrity is definitely going in if I find money to be an issue. I figured cheaper ICE, cheap ops, and recursion from Genotyping should help mitigate that.