Just Leela (1st Wiesbaden SC)

Lorac 82

This is the Leela Deck I took to the Store Championship in Wiesbaden.

It did better than expected and ended up 4-2. I had a lot of fun playing with it.

Loss against CTM and Skorpios.

Win against CI, CI, Palana and the Skorpios I lost before.

My Corp was the fantastic CI Variant from rotage. It went 5-0 this day.

Gameplan: Install Logos, hope that they Ice up the Centrals with only one Ice before they score an agenda. Bounce Ice and go for Indexing or Information Sifting.

Worked only one time where an Indexing showed up 3 Agendas in the Top 5 cards and closed out the game very quickly.

Surprisingly the best card in the Deck was Fisk Investment Seminar. Corps often felt save with no agendas in hand. Play Fisk and visit HQ. The right tools (HQI, Sneakdoor) often let me score some points. Against CI you need to be lucky, but with 2 HQI installed you sometimes hit the right card.

In a world without Jackson Gang Sign is great. Corps are afraid of scoring an agenda when another one shows up in their hand. Nice.

Tapwym and Saccon was the right way to go on this day. CI and CTM are very rich. So install, sit back and relax until your pockets are full of money.

Maybe add a second Indexing instead of second Paperclip and cut a Bankjob for Legwork

Against Glacier Deck with lots of stacked ICE this Deck might be not the right one. Had luck not to face Aginfusion or something like that.

(Published here for ABR)

31 Jan 2018 Ra1dy

CTM ftw :-)