Kid Sister (2nd in Swiss, Victoria BC SC)

Ghost Meat 469

This deck went 3-1-1 after five rounds of Swiss on 27 Jan 2018 at Gauntlet Games Store Championship in Victoria BC, ending up in second place out of 17 players before the cut (which I had to bow out of to catch a flight).

The game it lost was to a Tennin Institute, where I hit a Data Loop on last click, dropping me to 2 cards in hand, which I decided to bounce off instead of breaking, since I didn't want to access R&D with two cards in hand and die to a Snare. The Corp then played Shipment from Tennin to FA a top-decked Philotic Entanglement for 3 net damage (as I'd previously scored an Obokata and two House of Knives), flatlining me (both cards in hand were I've Had Worse, ironically, and had I broken Data Loop and accessed I would have stolen the Philotic to win the game). The tie was on time to Skorpios, and had I finished my last turn five seconds earlier, I'd have had one more to likely land a big Counter Surveillance dig and get a timed win.

The basic program here is to install several Gods of War and Obelus as early as possible, take all of the tags, draw tons of cards, get insane money from Mars for Martians, and Counter Surveil for the big digs in R&D. Nothing new here really, except that By Any Means adds a fun new piece to the equation, allowing you to ruin Mushin trap decks (of which there a lot in this specific meta), or blow up HQ's combo pieces with Legwork (or Counter Surveillance against CI), while also drawing cards from Obelus. Stimhacks allow you to contest remotes that need contesting until you're set up to get into R&D for a load of cards, and Game Day can be amazing after a Levy, to get you up to Obelus' marvellous late-game hand limit, making you the CI of Runners. Rebirthing into Omar (or Quetzal against Weyland, especially Skorp) is usually solid if you're in the late game and have everything you need set up from MaxX.

The big turns usually go: Mars for Martians, install Dean Lister, install Counter Surveillance, then click/trash Counter Surveillance, popping Dean to make your GOW very strong with your Obelus hand size, and breaking everything for free with all the viruses from GOW (but beware of CVS). Conversely, turns can be By Any Means, install Mercs if you need to prevent the damage, then Legwork (or Counter Surveillance if you already have enough money from previous turns if you really feel like ruining the Corp's day, possibly even milling them out in R&D). My great hope for the day was to trash an entire CI's HQ, but I didn't end up playing against one.

The largest R&D dig on the day was fourteen cards against a PU deck, which only turned up one House of Knives, but then was followed up with a game-winning Legwork.

This deck feels really Anarch, so if that's your jam, let er' rip.