Comrade-ish Val 1st place at Critical Hit SC

FoilFlaws 1088

Very similar to my last list, with the removal of Citadels and the addition of Datasucker and Icecarver. I used both about as much as the Citadels. I think I will for sure keep the Ice Carver and maybe toy around with the Datasucker slot.

Critical Hit was 10 players, 4 rounds and a cut to top 4. I was top out of swiss and Val only lost to Skorpios. I beat Architects of Tomorrow, CI Moons x2, PU x2 and Skorpios.

My corp was CTM and unchanged from the last SC and is already published. It lost to ProCo Hayley in the cut and beat ProCo Hayley x3(twice in swiss and once in the cut), Omar and Alice.