Valencia's Vengeance

hornedrat 19

A deck that I came up with recently and have been playing on jinteki with some success. I was inspired by seeing @Inermis play his Quetzal deck. I tried it with Quetzal, Alice and Kim, but somehow Val works best.

The big idea is to trash cards from HQ and R&D as often, as you can, significantly slowing the corp down and possibly score multiple agenda points in one archives run. There are many ways to achieve that.

The best possible turn would go like that: DDoS, Clan Vengance, Officer Frank and Equivocation on the table. Titanium Ribs for additional bonus

Play By Any Means, trash DDoS. Run on R&D 2-3 times. Each time you make Corp draw one card from Equivocation, and trash one from By Any Means, This gives you 2-3 tokens on Clan Vengance.

Trash CV and Officer Frank, which makes Corp discard 4-5 cards from HQ. You end up trashing 6-8 corp cards (of which most are faceup). Accessing them could win the game alone.

If R&D is not easily accessible, use Bhagat.

By Any Means has an additional advantage - it prevents "when access" triggers, which allows you to run on unprotected remotes when playing with jinteki and not be afraid of getting ambushed. What's more, getting damage is not really that painful with this deck, and you can use it against the corp.

When playing against corps with a ton of remotes, use By Any Means to trash them.

Feedback would be much appriciated