Goodbye Kate

Pinkwarrior 2278

Still very much in testing tho so far shows promise and wanted to share some of my findings for other would be testers out their. After playing with Cold Read & other toys to get round the removal side of her ability i came to the conclusion that Scavenge,Brahman, Self-modifying Code & Chameleon were the best of these and set my sights on using them to set up the Au Revoir engine, here it's done with the the plan of been able to just breaking 1 piece of ICE a turn preferably on HQ / R&D for and then jack out.

Once setup it's fairly easy to make a run break only 1 ICE make 3+ credits from Jacking out get TW and Takobi counters and draw some cards. getting the Au Revoir set-up is fairly easy with the ID ability and Scavenge / Brahman tho Brahman is a little slower and more expensive.

Takobi was a big surprise to me i put it in just to see how useful it was and hadn't realised at first that it's every time you break an ICE not just the first like Cyberdelia which mean as soon as you get 2 counters on this you can use it every other ICE for a free +3 str which is insanely efficient. After cutting Chameleon as it wasn't all that useful with out LLDS , Hayleys ability / Sahasrara

6 Feb 2018 CJFM

Cool list. This is where I'm supposed to say I've been working on a few thousand Wu decks (might be true), but I did completely forget about Au Revoir. This one has promise, though I'm not sure you need FF and FC both. In any case, it's a sweet baseline for WuRevoir. xD

6 Feb 2018 Pinkwarrior

@CJFM your probably right on FF & FC especially with Trope in their as well think id cut the FF i see alot of reasons to keep FC around. May look at adding a Uninstall for ability. I have also been looking at a Gingerbread - Panchatantra build for her with a more regular econ engine.

7 Feb 2018 vor_lord

I really like this. What is Citadel Sanctuary doing for you here? Is this just cheap damage protection?

7 Feb 2018 Pinkwarrior

@vor_lord Yeah Citadel Sanctuary is mainly just so you can not die from some combo decks. It also comes in handy when you have more money than the corp and have to deal with the odd tag.

8 Feb 2018 Sanjay

I really like this!

I've been trying out Wu with Rubicon Switch which I feel like has a lot of potential and helps vs Glacier when they just have all their servers too iced for you to make a profit off of.

Saving three influence on the same idea seems really good too!

10 Feb 2018 zmb

@Sanjay then its a Wubicon Switch :D

10 Feb 2018 zmb

@Sanjay Wubicon Switch :-D