Karma Chameleon - the full-fat jank version

deleriad 104

Ok, completely untested. Or to be precise tested twice but with absolutely no idea what I was doing so I screwed up badly.

The full-fat dace is Chameleon plus Autoscripter plus Technical Writer plus one of Dhegdheer and Sahasrara. Then dance carefully through the servers. Trade-In is your third Autoscripter, after all you probably don't need all three rabbit holes.

Brahman is there for good karma and bouncing tricks, Rabbit Hole gets you to the underworld through the looking glass and who knows, maybe you'll get Reborn as a school girl.

This deck manages about the hardest clot-lock you can imagine. Add in tappy so that if the corp is rich, you're happy and if the corp is poor you're also happy.

6 Feb 2018 Pinkwarrior

I think a Takobi could help this build alot for use with Chameleon / Femme Fatale.

7 Feb 2018 deleriad

@Pinkwarrior I suspect you are right. I wasn't sure about it at first until I realised that of course if you use 2 tokens to help break ICE you are going to get one back straight away. Plus three strength against every other ice you break is rather awesome. Turns a chameleon into a holy terror. Two Takobi would be even better. I think I might lose the dog and sword and replace them with two takobi. At that point I suspect I really want a second Chameleon so will swap out the scavenge.

7 Feb 2018 Pinkwarrior

@deleriad Two Takobi may not be much use don't forget it's unique, still a back-up's not bad if you have the slots.

9 Feb 2018 deleriad

@Pinkwarriormy mistake I hadn't noticed that though I had only be using one so far.