Skorpios RPC 1st Place SC Mannheim

Alakallanar 28

Runner deck was a slightly modified Turbo Bird.

This deck had a tie against a MaxX deck and wins against some Shaper IDs.

The ID is Skorpio mostly for the 44/15 deck and the possibility to get rid of clot, but it also has the advantage of making the runner play very careful early on (until the first GFI is scorde or stolen). And MaxX is relatively popular at the moment which is also a plus.

The main scoring plan is obviously Hostile Takeover + RPC Government Takeover. But rushing a GFI + Hostile Takeover + RPC GFI works too. Occasionally you can RPC 2 agendas, although that is not ideal because your ice might be weakened for some time after the first RPC.

The deck should probably play a copy of Fast Track to enable 2xBiotic+Fast Track+RPC scoring. And of course Cyberdex Virus Suite is a serious option.