Netspace Pawning (2nd in FL GNK)

indeflab4 162

This is my current iteration in my ongoing process of creating a Kabonesa pawnshop deck, inspired by the Worlds runner-up Hayley deck and my personal desire to not lose to rush decks due to not drawing SMC anymore.

Game plan of the deck is to draw with Professional Contacts and sell stuff to Aesop's, sacrificing the Hayley click gain for guaranteed remote pressure with Kabonesa. It's not uncommon for this deck to get to roughly 15 credits on turn 3, giving you great pressure and forcing the Corp to commit more ICE to a remote in order to score, thus slowing them down to your tempo.

Tech cards are personal choices due to FL being full of people on NBN and Jinteki, meaning Feedback Filter, Citadel Sanctuary and Hunting Grounds are important in improving those matchups. In a perfect world with no need for tech cards, I'd go down to 45 cards by cutting the above 3 and adding in the 3rd Harbinger and 1 Interdiction.

Neutralize All Threats is a 0 credit HQ Interface with a minimal downside due to this deck being rich. If you successfully remote lock the Corp, agendas tend to pile up in hand, allowing you to go in and find points there. If they aren't holding/you already stole the agendas, build up Turning Wheel tokens and run R&D. Equivocation is in case building Turning Wheel tokens is unappealing/difficult, and is admittedly a tenuous include for this deck. I personally like the card, so it stays for now.

Any comments/questions about the deck are appreciated. Thanks to any readers that make it this far!