boy you betta get yo grades up v0.6

Friff14 583

Undefeated at the tournament (3-0)

Put every upgrade in the same place, then score stuff in it. Breaker Bay makes everything in the server free. Ash and Herrings let you score. Calibration lets you score now; it's a free Biotic if you're Asa with a Breaker Bay installed. Warroids let you keep your stuff.

R1 vs MaxX: Got too many upgrades behind ice too early. Couldn't trash the Ash without losing other stuff. Lesson learned: it might be worth an agenda or whatever else in your hand to get rid of Hacktivists. Maybe I should pack something just for that.

R2 vs Smoke: Flooded early, but kept cool and he didn't get in to my hand for a while. I scored 6 points on the uncontested upgrades while he got 6 points from my hand and Equivocation. I eventually drew through and got lucky, installed the final CST, and NA'd it with the calibration that was there.

R3 vs MaxX: This guy really understood how to play this deck. Trashed all sorts of stuff, stimhacked in and got rid of a server full of upgrades, but there was no Warroid at the time. I eventually got rid of his Magnum Opus with a Warroid, which cost so much tempo that I was able to score to 5. He got to 6, and it was down to centrals. I drew the Calibration I needed to close it out with Vitruvius.

Overall, excellent tournament, great deck, and I could have won if Geist didn't make me sad.