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:/ <- That's what you should be thinking when you see this deck.

Here's some things you might not have thought about:

  • Adjusted Chronotype protects you against MCA Austerity; It's not just for beachparty+game day.

  • Beachparty lets you take a dataloop protocol on the chin. Much in the way that Laguna let's you draw up. Net mercur also supports this strategy. And hunting grounds sometimes is around to stop the data loop

  • GPI Net Tap + Ankusa is decent pressure to just remove barriers from play; GPI Net Tap also makes Miraju a non starter because you just break it and take creds.

  • Dean lister makes Ankusa+big barrier tolerable; Never break a chiyasi twice. Beach Party helps here too. It's not impossible to give a breaker +15 strength

  • Careful planning is best on a 2 ice remote after a virus wipe, when the runner goes to score. If you haven't run the remote, then a single GPI + Zamba will net you 6 & 6 virus counters before you approach the server. You can choose to jack out before the rez window on the second ice and you still get to use GPI. So, late game this can turn into a super charge credit turn. Upwards of 18 credits (-3 to play initially); possibly banking net mercur credits off of cloak.

  • Ayla really makes playing this deck a bit more possible.

The deck is weird; raises eyebrows; but also gets there. You want to draw at least 6 with game day to make it worth it; preferably 8-9. Then each click is draw 4, sometimes better than inject.

-1 symmetrical visage +1 misdirection for yellow may be appropriate.

Ayla keeps:

T1: Beach Party/Game Day/Zamba/GPI/Aumakua

T1.5: Hunting Grounds/Turning Wheel/Chronotype/Gamble/Net Mercur/Cloak

T2: Breakers/Dean Lister/Levy/Cloak

Honorable Mentions:

Multithreader (If you grab misdirection, this card is gold)

Stimhack (Really great when you've got a ton of cards in hand, but not as good in green with this suite of cards; If you want to lose GPI/Zamba & play a different deck, that's a reasonable direction to go; 3 stimhack, 3 tapwyrm over GPI & Zamba makes for another familiar economy that's certainly more reliable, also makes ankusa better)

13 Feb 2018 FreqKing

This is a work of art. Well done.