hdtv1999 21

The idea is quite simple, get a data raven in front of a data ward, and be glad e3 feedback implants are no longer a thing.

in addition you make your opponent need to lose the tags he gets, by playing exhange of informatIon, so that when he/her breaks through your defense and steals global food initiativ, you swap it for a quantum predictiv model, that is practically impossible for for your opponent to steal.

your central cerver protection is kinda weak (Authenticator+turnpike), but thats probably fine, as you mainly rely on operations for creds, and your opponent can steal three of your agendas begore you reallyneed to worry.

Levy and anonymous tip should give you the neccesary consistency, though you should probebly be carefull with using the ladder to much against any dack that feels a bit mill-ish, though you probebly lose to those most of the time anyway.

Henry is here because he wil very likely give you at least 8 creds.

Ghost branches should ensure that you can eventually use exchange of information, and your opponent will probebly have a hard time calling your bluff since you can afford to just sack agendas to empty his purse anyway.

biggest problems are definetly a cred engine that is probably insufficient unless you oppenent steals an explode-a-palooze, and its incredible weakness to anything that just wants to run central servers.

Also, i know i don't have toolboth but the name seemed fitting as you hardly care if they steals your stuff

Ps: If anyone can think of a good way to spend the influence im all ears