Reprisal Threat

Pinkwarrior 2278

Starting life as a deck list given to me by Shockeh on jnet (thanks btw) the deck's gone through some iterations till i got it to what is now, my new favourite Weyland deck and one of my favourite cops decks. It's currently sitting on a +70% win ratio on jnet but that is casual room and some of them wins are due to people not respecting Weyland (about 20 games in total).

The MVP of the deck list is Mumbad Virtual Tour been a key part of triggering the reprisals even through Slums. It also drains the runners econ to let the Hard-Hitting News's in.

Standoff is their to feed Archer's, clear currents, bait runs & doubles as a trap as long as your ID ability is on. If scored maybe you get some money and a card or maybe the runner trash's something i usually have no intention of ever putting into the standoff trigger.

Urban Renewal is their to make the runners life hard, again draining econ if they go for it not to mention the upgrades that maybe laying in wait for them and another card to trigger the reprisals.

Threat Assessment is a great card tho 1 copy seems about right. If its in hand when the runner trash's something its pretty much put that back on top of your deck or risk death by BOOM!. If not however its still good as a Consulting Visit target as yeah, they don't die from tags but if they do take the tags their setup for a HHN.

Global Food Initiative only their to increase the number of Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed triggers you get in a game & still serve as the 3 pointer you may need for the win.